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Down below are actual comments from customers who've bought FUNKYCHOPS, DOUBLETHUMP & QUICKBEAT. These are beginner to pro bass players thet truly dig Jim Lee Music instruction. Visit for more info.

jam with Jim Lee! JIMLEEJAM
Jam anytime you want. Play with a band. Beginner to pro.
FunkyChops 101 Slap Bass Riffs video clips FUNKYCHOPS
Play slap bass guitar riffs. Computer video clips in 3 speeds.

Jam with a real drummer. Play better with over 100 beats.

Play faster with less effort. Quick how-to video tutorial.
Video shows the bass guitar from a song perspective.
Guitar players can create a song before learning it.

i will recommend your stuff to many people. Thank you, Fillipe
I totally dig the format, and like I said, I HAVE LEARNED! - so it's been very much worth the price. Thx again, Robert

BTW learnt a lot just from the samples. Cheers, Paul

Dear Jimmy: Thank you for the Funky Bass Chops. YOUR ideas are AWESOME, and some combinations I've NEVER heard before which help to enlarge my own arsenal of CHOPS!!! Again - Thank you!!! Dee

If you're the man playing bass, you are beyond amazing!!!!! I don't know if I can slap like that but I'll learn how to come close. Thank you, Rob

hey Jim, Your CDs are the a dream come true THE BEST! your the best, Mike

I bought your Funky Chops Bass CD a while back and love it. Jay

You're incredibly talented. Frank

I recently purchased your Funky Chops CD ahd I love it! Gary

recieved my copy of Funky Chops for bass and I'm having a ball with it. Gene.

Jimmy, Got your stuff last week. Good on ya for making a good product. I've been playing Bass for about 20 years, and I'm always looking for someone to show me something I don't know. Your Funky Chops CD is full of the potentially blistering funk that makes most Bass players pop wood. (Been listening to a little Victor Wooten? I definately heard some Victor in there.) Well, good job. Thanks. Dave

Hi Jim,
I just bought and d/l Funky Chops, double thump and the drum machine. They are GREAT! Thanks for a great product! Peter

I recently ordered your funky chops bass cd and love it. Good stuff. Jay

Hi, I am Elmo J., a happy customer. I use ebay a lot and they have a spot for "about me" pages. On this page they give space for three favorite URL's. I have put your URL in one of these spots. Elmo

Hi,I received this CD recently and i am dead happy with it. I was watching the Welcome video and i just love the riff that is played in the first 10 seconds of it, but it is driving me nutz because its too fast for me to see how it is being played. Is this riff a combination of the riffs on the CD?? or will i just have to sit there and watch it 1 million times over before i can just about start to figure out what is going on as i cannot slow it down. I see this is called volume 1..are there going to be more in the series, if so i will definitely be interested. All the best, Michael

Jim- this cd is way cool. i have been playing for a little over a year and i currently take lessons from a guy who is the king of funk. you have broken things down so simple that anybody can learn. very simplistic! i just bought a modulus flea bass. i have 4 jazz basses as well. my rig consists of 2 swr goliath 3 4x10 and a swr 750x head. funk is my reason in learning the bass. how long have you been playing? what kind of rig do you run your musicman through? thanks funky chops! keeep up the good work!! joe from pittsburgh

Hi Jim, great bass sounds!!! Mabley

Jim, You are really an excellent bass player!!! You make it look so easy. I enjoyed my self just listening to you play as opposed to learning the riffs just yet. In my opinion, you should go pro. I think you have what it takes. Talk to you soon. Raj

hey Jimmy, I received the 101 bass licks cd today. cant wait for the other one. a great product. thanks again, -john

Hey, Dude this CD is Great man And that asian guy man he is "Crazy" He got great Skills. peace out David

Thanks so much, your willingness to serve me as a customer is awesome, and rare. That's a good thing!
Thanks again, Justin

Hi Jim, Great product. I received it yesterday and enjoyed playing through it today. Warm regards, Michael - Director of Music, Unified Arts Program

I downloaded your program and it sounds great. It's just like having a drummer right here in my room. Rusty Metalguitargod

Hi Jimmy,
I've received the cd and it's what I hoped it would be, this is a real break through for me as I've tried learning slapping myself and with a teacher and didn't do very well, I'm already slapping the basics... let me know when you release another one (any style). Thank's a lot! Danny

Comments from REDzine, an Online Magazine from South Africa:"... Anyways - funky chops is brilliant! Am currently writing a glowing review... reckon my playing gonna take off soonish - expect the review mid next week. Cheers and thanks again.. Devin."

you can use my comments for sure, would be a priviledge...
i love that welcoming riff...
i think this is really innovative and great for a person like me that really wants to play great riffs but doesn't want years of training to get that far (which obviously you have received.....if not then WOW) If at all possible would you keep hold of my e-mail address just in case of the event of you doing a second volume to the slap bass cd's because you definitely have a repeat customer here, and i will be recommending this CD or your other one (when it comes out) to anyone that is interested in playing guitar. Hats off to you and your incredible work! All the best, Michael

eBay Comments:

Praise : Product is TOO COOL!!! This is A MUST for EVERY Bass Player! X-cellent E- bayer

Praise : Excellent product! Way to go Jim! This cd has improved my bass playing! A+++++++

Praise : Great CD...good communication and fast shipment! Thanks again! :D


Praise : great item, quick shipping

Praise : Excellent and friendly seller. Highly recommend. Will be back. 5 Stars.

Praise : A learning tool you gotta have!!Great comm. highly recommend!!Gottagoplaymybass!

Praise : Super Fast Shipping! A GREAT CD with Very Useful Material! Professionally Done!!

Praise : fast shipment and great product, an asset to e-bay......i'm gonna enjoy this

Praise : Fast service and great CD to learn from. Thanks!!!!

Praise : fast and helpful ,great communication,great product,A+

Praise : An excellent product delivered quickly and safely. Fantastic transaction!!

Praise : Great product, Great price and Fast shipment; Very Pleased!

Praise : The BEST eBay has to offer: terrific Seller, item & shipping = AAA+++++ Thanks!

Praise : Thanks, just what I needed!!! Good Ebayer!!

Praise : great product at a super price.

Praise : very good ebayer fast shipment and a really good video a must have thanks

Praise : Great Ebay transaction...Really neat product. Highly recommended


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