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Below you will find items created by the artist & musician Jim Lee. You can slap the bass, jam with a drummer, double-thump & much more. Downloads, instruction, video, lessons, CD-ROM's & software for bass players, guitarists, songwriters & musicians.

“Jim Lee is the MASTER of funk bass - I was slappin' in a few minutes!”
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FunkyChops 101 Slap Bass Riffs video clips FUNKYCHOPS
Play funky slap bass guitar riffs fast. No boring theory. Instant download or CD-ROM.

Jam with a real drummer and play better bass. Over 100 beats. Instant download or CD-ROM.

Play faster bass guitar with less effort. Quick how-to video tutorial. Instant download or CD-ROM.
Video shows the bass guitar from a song perspective. Instant download or CD-ROM.
Guitar players can create a song before learning it. Instant download or CD-ROM.


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1) FUNKYCHOPS 101 Funky Slap Bass Riffs, Vol. 1
. video clips
2) QUICKBEAT Human Drummer V1 Drum Machine software
3) DOUBLETHUMP Quick Thumb Bass Technique video tutorial
4) Bass from a Song Perspective - Lesson 1 computer video

Buy it today and you'll also get the FunkyChops simple ear tuner & metronome software FREE. All products work with Windows & Mac computers and are downloadable 24-hours-a-day worldwide. You will be given a download link at the end of payment checkout.

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